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Improving the chances of selling a home during the winter

Illinois homeowners who are interested in selling residential real estate during the fall and winter months may need to make a bit of extra effort to sell their home in the off-season. Tough weather and shorter days can sometimes discourage buyers from getting out and looking at properties. However, there are some things that homeowners can do to add more appeal to their home and make it more likely that they will sell during these colder months.

One step that homeowners can take is to upgrade the photos of their home. Before potential home buyers decide to get out and travel in the cold weather, they are likely to look online first. Professional photos that show the home’s landscape during warmer seasons can add a certain level of appeal and get home buyers motivated to look at homes on cold days.

Improving the lighting in the home can make the home more appealing on darker days or when the home is shown at dusk or later. The goal is not to use higher wattage light bulbs to add harsh light but to add warmth to the home. At least one light should be on in every room.

Taking steps to make the home look cozy can make the property more inviting during the winter months. Homeowners can put on the fireplace during showings. While they do not want to give the home a cluttered look, using extra pillows and soft blankets in the bedrooms and living room can make the house look appealing.

Some individuals need to sell their home more quickly than others as selling the home may be a good alternative to foreclosure. An individual who is interested in selling their home may wish to speak with an attorney. The attorney may be able to provide advice about real estate transactions, rights to a property, a short sale agreement or the sale of a property for less than its balance of debt secured by liens.