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Common myths about selling a home

When Illinois residents decide to sell their home, they have lots of choices and important things to do before listing. While it may be exciting to sell a home and think of a new adventure with a new neighborhood and possibly a new city or state, there are several myths homeowners should be aware of when they start the selling process.

Some will say that if a home is to be updated, the updates must be drastic for the buyer to notice them. According to, just freshening up the kitchen or landscaping the front yard can be enough to give the home a facelift. Buyers may plan to renovate and update parts of the home anyway, so expensive updates can be a waste of money. Those who want a return on their investment make changes to the kitchen and the bathrooms, but do not do an entire gut and renovation.

Another myth is that the house only needs to be clean for it to sell. While tidy and clean are important parts of showing the home, it is also important to stage the home before it is shown to a potential buyer. According to Zillow, homes can be staged by an embraced floor space, an emotional connection to the house and an emphasis on the lifestyle.

Finally, the success of selling a house depends more on the market rather than the season. Some suggest that spring and summer are the best times to sell a home, but the truth is that the local housing market matters more than the season. Holiday times, such as that between Thanksgiving and the New Year, are often slower, but houses still sell during these months.