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Three proactive ways to help sell your home faster

Illinois is a fantastic place to live, and every day people discover the beauty that the state has to offer. This is a benefit for anyone looking to sell or rent out a property in the state. While the process may seem daunting, FindLaw lists real estate laws in Illinois that are designed to handle things such as homestead protection, landlord-tenant relations and the rental market. These things become important once the home is sold and the transfer is in process, but homeowners can proactively prepare their homes for sale in three specific ways.

1. Seek out an inspection

According to, home inspections usually cost a couple hundred dollars, but they are vital when it comes to peace of mind for the buyer. Homeowners who have already requested and completed an inspection are not required to wait while the buyer determines if the house is worth what the seller is asking for it.

2. Focus your upgrades

Sellers should focus their upgrade efforts on the spots where they will be the most return on investment. Upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens tend to have more of an impact on potential buyers. Sellers should not worry about expensive things such as new cabinetry when new hardware may do the trick.

3. Hire a photographer

Rather than posting pictures taken from a phone or a home camera, buyers may benefit from investing in a professional home photographer. These professionals understand things like lighting, how to make a room appear bigger and how to make certain areas seem more attractive. They can also do the same for the outside of the home.

Many sellers hire an agent to help them through the selling process. They may also benefit from consulting with an attorney to protect their investment.