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Thinking Of Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney? What You Need To Know

An attorney who has little experience with bankruptcy laws can make the process more difficult and can put your assets at risk. Conversely, the right attorney can make the process go smoothly and obtain the best possible result. When filing for bankruptcy, it is important to hire the right attorney. Here are the traits to look for in a bankruptcy attorney.

Focuses On Bankruptcy Law

Find a bankruptcy attorney who focuses solely on bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not an area of the law for “dabbling” or for doing the occasional bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy is a complicated practice area that requires experience and depth of knowledge. Hiring an attorney who has to get “up to speed” on bankruptcy could result in a process that takes longer and is more expensive.

Knows How Bankruptcy Trustees Function

It is likely that the bankruptcy trustees in your judicial district have specific procedures or requirements for the attorneys to follow. In order to have your case go as quickly and easily as possible, it helps to have an attorney who is familiar with how the trustees want things done.

Is Nonjudgmental

Nobody expects they will ever need to file for bankruptcy, but life can take unpredictable turns that are completely out of your control. In order to establish a trusting relationship with your lawyer during the proceeding, it is important that the lawyer handling your case is nonjudgmental about your situation.

Returns Messages Promptly

Bankruptcy filings require ongoing communication with your lawyer. When you are in the consultation phase, observe whether the attorney is returning your messages promptly and whether he or she is easy to reach via phone or email.

Shows Patience With Your Questions

Bankruptcy is an area of the law that few lay people know or understand. As a result, it is likely you will have plenty of questions during the process. It is important to have an attorney who patiently helps you understand what is happening at every stage of the proceedings.

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