Bankruptcy Doesn't Need To Be Stressful
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Filing For Bankruptcy Compared To Debt Relief Companies

Going to a debt relief company when you’re struggling to pay your bills may sound like a great idea. They often provide a long list of promises that may include lower payments, shorter time frames and less damage to your credit score. But can they actually provide all of this? Unfortunately, the answer is usually “no.”

My name is Paul R. Idlas and I’m a bankruptcy lawyer in Illinois with more than 30 years of experience. I’ve helped countless clients recover financially after trusting debt “relief” agencies with their money and I can help you avoid this situation help you file for bankruptcy the right way.

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk

When you agree to work with a debt relief company, they will often tell you pay them the money that would otherwise go to your bills. At best, they may take a large percentage of what you pay them and only pay a limited amount towards your debt. At worst, they may take all of your money without using any of it to pay your debt. A debt relief company can quickly become a sinkhole to which you contribute an increasing amount of money without seeing a reduction in the amount you owe.

How An Attorney Can Help

Filing for bankruptcy may sound intimidating, but it can t it can have lasting positive effects.. A skilled attorney can help you consider the long-term affects of your financial decisions and strategize about how to move forward successfully. In addition to completing the filing, a bankruptcy attorney can help you throughout other parts of the process, including:

  • Understanding and applying the means test to your situation
  • Properly valuing your property
  • Create a repayment plan that works for you
  • Answer your questions accurately to help prevent expensive mistakes

In some cases, you may be able to keep valuable property such as your home and car, even after filing for bankruptcy.

We Can Discuss Your Financial Fears Today

Debt relief companies often leave people with higher bills and fewer resources with which to recover from their situation. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. At the Law Office of Paul R. Idlas, I can help you find a solution that will result in a stable and healthy financial future.

You call my office in Grayslake today at 847-986-8862 or send me a message online to discuss your situation.